Jan 23

Wallpaper Wednesday: Import Edition

Bonneville RX7You might have noticed that we have a bit of an American bias when it comes to cars. It’s really not our fault we’re just products of our society.  Hit the jump for almost no details on this sweet Americanized RX7 that we found last year at Bonneville.

The only thing that I can really tell you about this RX7 is that it has an awesome dragon on the hood.  I talked to the owner as they were pulling the car off the trailer and according to him it’s been in its current state since the 80s.  If I had to guess there’s some sort of big block V8 under the hood.

Make your desktop as fast and furious as possible with one of these handcrafted wallpapers.

Bonneville RX7

The old fashioned 4:3 1600x1200 wallpaper


Bonneville RX7

Newfangled 16:9 1680x945 wallpaper