Sep 09

White Hall Drag O Way 2013 Reunion

It’s here! The best small town show in the country, the White Hall Drag O Way Reunion. A celebration of a now defunct drag strip in a small west central Illinois town. While the drag strip may be gone the memories still remain and a group of racers keep those memories alive by having this show every year. The quality of cars that turn out is excellent. From award winning hot rods and muscle cars, to drivers, and all original classics you’ll find it all here and if you happened to miss the show you’ll find it all here at Infinite Garage.
In this edition let’s take a look at some Chevy’s a Ford or two and maybe even an old Dodge truck. Plus something special. There’s something for everyone, so just hit the jump and enjoy.

By now you know me and how I like badges. Like this cool 351 badge. I’ll have some shots of the full car later in the week.
This 1940 Chevy just looks right. What a beauty.
Here’s a little bit of everything, Camaros old and new as well as a Ford F100 panel truck worthy of it’s own feature, which we will have at a later date.

This pair was hugely popular on our facebook page. The Mustang on the left is has a bunch of goodies from Cervinis while the Nova on the right is more of a pro touring style. Which would you choose?
A little under the hood detail. I think this is a pretty cool hood strut mount.
Another stunning classic.
Ok you are probably thinking what’s the deal here, it’s a picture of a hood. Agreed, it is a picture of a hood. This paint job was killer. The color was awesome and depending on the light was this amazing rich dark red, or a super sparkly candy color. Very well done.
This is where my photography skills let everyone down. I was trying to get a great picture of that paint but the sky was full on nuclear and it didn’t turn out perfect. A lot of people won’t show you there less than great shots. If I didn’t that we’d be lucky to have a photo a week on the site. I think you readers just appreciate seeing the cars and as long as they are in focus you could are less if I’ll never be a National Geographic photographer. So here’s a cool Chevy badge on one great paint job.
Under the hood…. what were you expecting a four banger?

Another Nova. I’ve fallen in love with these cars since I founded IG a few years ago. This one is another great example and maybe the first I’ve photographed in “write me a ticket red.”

And now something special. Larry Dixon Sr. made an unexpected appearance at the show. No one knew he was coming so it was a great surprise. Now if you are a youngster you may not quite be familiar with Larry, but you should be as he is one half of the most famous father son drag racing duo in history. I’ll bet you are very familiar with his son Larry Dixon Jr. who is one hell of a drag racer just like his pop. Having someone like Mr. Dixon just show up to the show tells you what kind of an event the WHDOW crew puts on.

In the photo below are some of the fellas from the WHDOW left to right Jeff and Paul Fansler, Larry Dixon, and Dennis Cumby. All smiles here on an awesome Saturday afternoon at the car show!

That will wrap up part one. I’ve got plenty more to come this week and a few features I’ve saved back for the winter time. If you’d like to know more about the event, the White Hall Drag O Way, and the guys involved head over to their site. whdow.org and make plans to attend next year!

Special thanks to everyone with the WHDOW crew for putting on a great show and all the show participants for letting me pester them with questions while photographing their cars.