Apr 03

White Hall Drag O Way cruise in Pt 1. The cars

As I alluded too this weekend I was out at a cruise in taking some photos. The White Hall Drag O Way crew gets together every month their is a fifth Friday to hang out, have fun, and show off their awesome rides. There was a nice turn out for this months event and I took a ton of pictures so this is likely to be a two part ordeal. Plus I already posted the 31 Koupe and I have atleast one more full feature to do from this event. Yep it was an active show. Before I get to the pictures I want to thank the guys and gals of the White Hall Drag O Way group for allowing some young guy come in and take a million pictures and ask hundreds of stupid questions.

First up a magnificent late generation C1 Vette. This car gets my best of show award because of it’s truly immaculate paint and chrome work. This car was nearly perfect. I’ll post up more of this one later in the weak.

Hit the jump for tons more coverage and check back later in the week for Pt 2 and possibly Pt 3.

The Econoline has caught my eye at several shows around the area. That’s the great part about these guys, they actually get these cars out and drive them some. Heck most of the cars proudly wear Power Tour stickers.

This hot little Chevy II sounds and good as it looks.

The Muscle Car era was well represented at the get together.

One hot rod.

Mopar or no car! My heart is Mopar, but my head is Chevy. So here is one for my heart. I’m not sure if the primer gray is permanent or if there is color intended for this car, it’s perfect the way it is in my opinion.

This Camaro will be recognizable to the avid I-G reader. The front end was used for our first banner.

That will do it for part one. Come back tomorrow for more from this great cruise in.