Sep 03

The White Hall Drag O Way Cruise In

August had five Fridays so you know the White Hall Drag O Way boys are going to have their cruise in. As always it was a great turn out with a little bit of everything for everyone. Sadly my summer has been marred with new big life challenges and I just haven’t gotten out and about like I have in the past, but getting out to see my old friends at the WHDOW was good for the soul.
I’ll kick this one off with a look at a beauty of a Chevy Nova. This car single handedley made me love the Nova. If I were going to get a classic Chevy it would definitely be a Nova.

Speaking of Novas, there were two at the cruise in. This one was parked by an awesome 38 Coupe.
Back to that first Nova. If you’ve read IG at all you know I have a think for badges. The cursive Nova badge is pretty high on my list of favorites.
Sometime between Model T Fords and second generation Novas were some pretty big ole boats of cars. With classic swooping lines. It’s cool.
Ready to show this truck was pretty tricked out. More on it later.
This one is probably a little nice for working.
I’d love to get an old truck like this for work. It would make a great parts getter and stuff hauler.
Let’s end with a rear end shot of a huge car. The Mercury Monterrey is about a mile long and half mile wide. Just more of it to love.