Sep 10

White Hall Drag O Way Reunion Part II: A Cobra, A Mustang, and some Chevy power

We return to the quiet Midwestern town of White Hall< Illinois which once a year is turned into a gather place for those who love classic cars. The streets where filled with the sounds of V8s rumbling and the show grounds where the place to be to see just what all that great noise was. Today I have a little bit for everyone as we cover everything from Shelby's to a Malibu. 427-cobra

So if big American V8s, shiny paint, and some cool modifications are your thing hit the jump and enjoy.

Classics like this are just fun. Great paint, excellent styling, and a great sound.

A little variety is the spice of life.
So this is very custom Chevelle. Ok it’s the interior which is pretty sweet looking. The car itself was nearly impossible to photograph with the bright summer sunshine and yellow paint.
The engine of the beast.
and here is the full car. Great wheels.
Flames! Well I promise they are there, but again the tough conditions made them tricky to photograph.
Don’t worry Ford fans, I’ve got you covered as well. This 5.0 was looking great in green. Is that a stretched tire I see in the rear? Not something I expect to see on a domestic car.
Louvers on a Mustang? No way.
Check out the Motegi wheels. They look great on the Mustang.


That wraps up part two. Still more to come later in the week.