Sep 19

White Hall Drag O Way Reunion part two

I feel a bit guilty that it’s been 8 days since my last post and that this is only the second installment from the White Hall Drag O Way Reunion. Apollo Creed once said to Rocky “It’s a shame we gotta get old Stallion” and I’d be lying a bit if I didn’t share the sentiment. The fact is I really miss going to car shows every weekend, sometimes twice a weekend. However we all gotta grow up and I probably waiting an extra ten years then most to do it so I still kind of feel like I won. I guess my pledge to the IG faithful that are still around waiting for the scant post that I do here and there is that if I can I’ll be out at the car events getting all the pictures you enjoy seeing and I enjoy taking.
Like the WHDOW show. If IG really does get relegated to a once a week thing the greatest thing that will come out of the several years of going full bore with IG will be the friends I made along the way. I suppose that’s where the WHDOW guys come in. The first group to really kind of say “hey come hang out with us, with your stupid fwd supercharged, orange car with a ridiculous wing.” Ok I may have added some of that myself. Still a group of guys that welcome some young guy with a car that is nothing like what they are into are a pretty cool group of guys. What is even more amazing is I’ve found several groups like that. I remember talking with my friend Adam whose a bit of a big deal in the car world and we wondered if there were any other car guys out there like us. Who just loved cars no matter the badge, drive train, or any of that. I guess I found out there are. As it turns out a lot of them, which is pretty good to find out after coming from the sport compact world which is just full of childish rivalries that make you want to roll your eyes, sell your car, and buy a hybrid. Well ok not a hybrid.

Enough rabble on with the pics.
I think the first time I went to the WHDOW a few years back I called this “Thunder Road.” It’s kind of heaven where hot rods and muscle cars line the drive and almost everyone coming in and out go through this road. This was just a very small sampling of the many cars at the show.

The Road Runner. My unicorn. While these cars seem to get a bit more and more unobtainable for mere mortals like myself I still can’t help but dream of cruising the countryside in an awesome Road Runner. Like the dream of IG I am not ready to give up on the dream of owning a Road Runner. Someday. In the mean time I’ll just enjoy truly amazing examples like this one.

440 six pack equipped I’d love to have heard it run.

Nothing says cool like fins. It was tough to get a full photo of the car but dang those fins were just dying to be photographed.

This Chevelle was so nice. Green is almost understated in most cars but this particular green just sucked me in. I had to get some shots.

Great wheel and tire combo as well.

I’ll end this installment with a black and white shot. I’ve been playing around with filters and things lately. I don’t know why a good photo is a good photo, but sometimes I think I just want to make something a little different. It seems like this show was ripe for black and white.

That will wrap up this one. I’ve got more and I’ll try and get through them and get them posted early next week.