May 02

Why the Tesla Model S will never be my kind of car

Recently Tesla decided they could get 900hp out of their model S. That’s impressive and it means 0-60 times will likely beat everyone with an engine. That too is impressive. Still speed isn’t everything and anyone whose ever been to the track knows that there will always be someone faster.
That’s a Lamborghini wheel btw, I don’t have a Tesla picture

Anyway, my gripe isn’t that the Tesla isn’t a great car. Oh sure acceleration drips off after 65mph, or if you use the AC, or if you have to drive very far but it’s still impressive. It’s just not special.

Let’s take last weekends cruise with the WHDOW guys. It had a nice mix of cars. Some fast, some not, but they all had something great. The engine. The sound to me is at least half of what’s important in a car. From ignition when the engine comes a live to full chat acceleration all of those cars last week had more character than any electric car ever will. I may very well drive an electric car as my daily driver someday, but for fun give me an engine.