Jan 17

1967 Volvo Amazon 600

Volvo once had a strong and mighty following in the car world, but years of mediocrity have left many of the younger persuasion barely recognizing the brand exists. However, cars like Mattias Vöcks’s Volvo Amazon have become superstars in the world of custom cars and for good reason. Just look at it.

Volvo Amazon

Beauty is not only skin deep on this classic Volvo. Like so many hot rodders, Vocks didn’t stop with a good stance, nice rims, and shiny paint. The real beauty is under the hood. Hit the jump for some more pictures, video and details of this mind blowing wagon.

There isn’t much that’s stock under the hood. The 2.8L turbocharged inline six is making a monsterous 788hp and 723lb-ft of torque running on E85.
Volvo Amazon under the hood

Inside is something unique and interesting. There is no transmission tunnel! Exposed is the Getreg six speed manual.
The brakes are off of a Koenigsegg CC8S. Vocks happens to work for Koenigsegg.
Volvo Amazon

The cost of all this awesome? He had it for sale for about $108,000.

Special thanks to Serious Wheels for the pics and to Car Scoop for pointing me to Serious wheels and to the youtube videos.


  1. This machine is a longtime favorite. Nice to see all the videos curated together like this.

  2. Chris B.

    Fucking gorgeous.

  3. Infinitegarage

    This is an amazing machine. It’s just so clean and well done.

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