Jan 16

My take on the rest of the Detroit Autoshow

I’ve taken some flack for my “light” coverage of the Detroit NAIAS. So let me take a second to explain myself. Sans the big Corvette reveal, and a little news from Shelby the place is boring. I know what you are thinking, but what about the new Kia Cadenza? If you are thinking that you came to the wrong place. The fact is 99% of the new cars at the show this year are just plain boring. The fact is for every Corvette reveal there are dozen crap box econo cars that just isn’t our thing here on IG. My vision for IG as we move forward, gain readership, and hopefully our budget grows is to do nearly exclusive original content. Like the show reports, feature cars, and things of that nature you see us do.

Not crap like this.

You see our every day life is filled with suckatude. Family cars, mini vans, base model four bangers that take a half hour, downhill, and a good tail wind to get to 60 in under 15 seconds. I’m about dreaming big, horsepower, fun, deadly good looks, and the performance to match. That’s what I want Infinite Garage to be. Sure we might occasionally do the the family car review but it’s just to get us to what we really want. Something I’ll bet every reader here dreams about, strives for, and hopes to have someday.

So what to do with the rest of the stuff from Detroit? I might hit some high notes in the Sunday Commentary and I’ll do a couple things in the rest of this post, but the fact is all the cool stuff we’ve covered. Sure Shelby American brought another Mustang Cobra Supersnake but aside from some body work it’s the same old same old. I honestly didn’t think it was that interesting. Certainly nothing we have never seen before.

So here’s the new Lexus IS poser mobile. The press kit says “bold.” I guess by bold they mean 98% direct BMW 3 series copy 2 percent completely ugly. That’s Lexus in a nut shell. What are the Germans doing, let’s do that, but give it our own special suckage.

Next up on our list some Nissan I think. I’m not sure. I don’t care do you?

You might think I’m being a bit glib here but ask yourself, is this really the kind of crap you want to read about? These every day average blend in crap boxes? You, like me probably work hard all day and don’t have a ton of free time. So these boring cars just waste my time. I definitely don’t want to write about them and for over a year now I’ve taken the gamble that you don’t want to read about them and it’s paying off in terms of explosive growth in our readership. That tells me you like what I like.

So if you don’t mind, and I’m guessing you won’t, now that I’m on Lexus, Kia, and Nissan’s blacklist for bashing their cars I’m going to get back to working on some stories about cool cars, hot rods, racing, and hopefully other things that excite you. Like this bitchin Volvo wagon I’ll have up tomorrow. You’re gonna go nuts over it.