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Jan 16

My take on the rest of the Detroit Autoshow


I’ve taken some flack for my “light” coverage of the Detroit NAIAS. So let me take a second to explain myself. Sans the big Corvette reveal, and a little news from Shelby the place is boring. I know what you are thinking, but what about the new Kia Cadenza? If you are thinking that you …

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Oct 21

Guest Post: Luxury Cars vs Budget Cars

Today we have a guest author JR. Olsen, we’d like to thank him for his contribution and remind you that if you’d like to contribute and article email us with your ideas and we’ll look it over. Luxury Cars vs. Budget Cars: Who Comes Out On Top? Buying any kind of car isn’t cheap, and …

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Jun 11

Car brands and perceived quality.

Perceived quality is very important for an auto maker and can really help or hurt a companies image. Often times it may takes years or even decades to break these old stereotypes as the big three have been fighting now for years. ALG took a look at perceived quality of the major auto makers and …

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