Apr 02

2014 Callaway AeroWagon concept

Callaway is pretty well known for what they have done to Corvettes. Think the Callaway Sledgehammer. Well they plan on working the new C7 Corvette as well making it a shooting brake. Aparently the market for a shooting brake Corvette is big enough for them to produce it as they anticipate Callaway dealers being able to sell the option for under $15,000 once the new C7 is released. The Carbon fiber body work will provide a light weight structurally sound body increasing the interior space in your C7 Vette.

callaway corvette aerowagon

I have to say I like it. What do you think of the Callaway AeroWagon?

Source: Callaway Cars

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  1. Chris B.

    This is an awesome idea, but I don’t think the C7 is a great base for an estate version. Considering how small it is, you aren’t adding that much practical cargo room. I think the Caddy-wagon has this area pretty well staked out. I’m dreaming, but a brand new model of Chevy wagon that slots in cheaper than the Caddy would be cool. Performance wagons are nice, but I feel that the practicality and additional cargo room needs to be emphasized to make the car more mainstream (in this case, slower isn’t necessarily worse).

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