Apr 01

Fifth Friday Cruise in!

Car show season is here! I’ve been saying it for the better part of six weeks but Spring is finally here in the Midwest. Well sort of. It was warm enough for a few brave souls from the White Hall Drag O Way to get together and hang out for the traditional fifth Friday cruise in. While the temperatures were cool and there were still piles of snow around the mood was great as old and new friends gathered to celebrate the coming season and take any excuse they can to get some old iron out of the garage and go for a drive.

56 chevy nomad

As always I was there camera in hand to catch the action and hear a few good stories of which there were plenty. You can hit the jump for plenty more from the get together.

There is always a nice mix of classics at these get togethers but as with most classic car gatherings Ford and Chevy of course dominate. The fifth Friday cruise in was of course no exception with plenty from both stables. However these two bow ties drew loads of attention and rightfully so.
nomad and 3100 pick up

This Rally Green 1968 Chevy Camaro is a real head turner. It sounds as good as it looks and although it is badged a 396 I am pretty sure what is actually under the hood is quite bigger. I will show you more of this gem later in the week.

If you like your cars a bit older that was covered as well. This awesome Ford truck hot rod was super cool. The owner gets some serious credit for driving it to the gathering in the 40 degree temperatures.
late 1920s Ford hot rod
Under the hood lies a Chevy engine. Of course, what did you think it would be a Ford block there?
chevy engine

If newer cars are your thing this SN95 Ford Mustang GT has you covered. Lying under the hood is an all aluminium 4.6l crate motor with aftermarket heads, suspension, and well just about everything else. This car is wicked, and for sale.
new edge Ford Mustang

A very nice set of wheels wrapped in some sticky meat to help in the corners.
Ford Mustang Wheels
There is just a certain class and elegance to this Sunliner that does not exist any more. Admittedly I have to learn more about pre muscle car era cars and this car makes me want to do that. Can you imagine picking up your girl on a Saturday night and heading to the drive in with this thing? Pretty cool.

That will do it for part one, but never fear a little bit later in the week I’ll have plenty more. As always it’s great to hang out with the White Hall Drag O Way guys and if you are interested in their group head over to their site www.whdow.org and check them out.