Jul 02

Buick powered hot rod

Hot Rods and Muscle cars are basically what we are all about here on Infinite Garage. Sure we enjoy racing, motorcycles, classics, and the occasional import, but our roots lie in big V8s, custom touches, going fast, and looking good. If I’ve seen one hot rod I’ve seen a thousand and I enjoy seeing them all. To the untrained eye or the non car guy they probably all look the same, but to you the faithful reader and to the staff here at IG the devil is always in the details and I always enjoy looking over a rod to see what sets it apart from the one sitting right next to it. So today we take a look at another fine example, with a bit of a surprise in the engine compartment.

As you can see from the front it looks like a fairly typical hot rod. Chopped, channeled, sweet paint, and lots of shiny bits. Anyone would be proud to call it their own, but let’s dive a little deeper.

A glance inside shows us a ultra clean and sleek interior with some Dolphin gauges. Classic hot rod stuff.


A lot of detail lies in the suspension. I think the reason I like no fender cars as opposed to full fender cars is the ability to really show off the detailed suspension. That’s not to say full fender cars aren’t cool as well.

So where is the surprise here? What the hell? Is that Buick motor? Yes it is. Super cool

It just goes to show you, that you never know what you will find when out and about.