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Feb 25

Nothing but hot rods

Hot Rods have been around in some form since the 1930s when the Southern California Timing Association began running out on the salt flats. From then on the quest for speed was on. Some of it’s roots can even be traced back to prohibition and of course moonshine running when the goal was not timing …

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Jul 07

Sunday Commentary: Fake Exhaust Noise, two Ford Coupes, and the Week in Review


Another Sunday, another time to look back, forward, and to do a little ranting. I keep hearing more and more about how we should do more opinion as well as our typical landslide of photos and news. I’m leary, cars can be as polarizing as politics and I like to avoid drama, but what the …

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Jul 02

Buick powered hot rod

hot rod suspension

Hot Rods and Muscle cars are basically what we are all about here on Infinite Garage. Sure we enjoy racing, motorcycles, classics, and the occasional import, but our roots lie in big V8s, custom touches, going fast, and looking good. If I’ve seen one hot rod I’ve seen a thousand and I enjoy seeing them …

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