Jul 03

Save The Ring!

The Nurburgring, possibly the most famous track in the entire world is in trouble. Time after time report after report the news has come out that the Ring is for sale, the Ring will be closed, and a piece of automotive history, and a true legend in the world of motorsports will be lost forever. That is where Save the Ring comes in.

save the ring

Save the Ring is a non profit organization aimed raising awareness about the dealings going on around the Ring and ultimately keeping the Ring in the right hands. Like so many things it all goes down hill when the private sector gets involved. You see in the 1920s the Ring was built by the government as a place to safely (I use that term loosely) race in the Eifel Mountains. It would also serve as a place for automakers to showcase their latest and greatest cars and for eighty plus years it did that.

Trouble begain for the Ring in the middle part of the first decade of this century. Circa 2005 plans began for an amusement park to be built at the Ring which would be built by public money, then run by a private firm. Sound familiar fellow American’s? This is how nearly every major sports team operates in this country. Let it be a warning. The park was failing and a more then 350 million Euro debt was racked up.

To make matters worse, the motorsports part of the Nurburgring would get lumped into the amusement park part saddling the race track with all that debt. The result has been a continuous downward spiral with a real threat to the race tracks long term survivability.

According to the Save the Nurburgring site the solution is rather simple.

-Separate the track from the amusement park
-focus on the racing heritage rather then entertainment
-protect the race track from being sold to private investors
-support the local family businesses around the Ring
-keep yourself informed and engaged.
-spread the word.

That all sounds well and good to us and we would like to see the Nurburgring stay in public hands forever where anyone can use it, and where great racing events will continue to happen.

Nurburgring 2011 20 by AlBargan, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License  by  AlBargan 

With the German Grand Prix this weekend, now is a great time to get the word out about the Ring. It would be a real shame for one of the world’s truly great racing venues to fall into the wrong hands or cease to operate all together.

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