Mar 14

Corvettes: American Icon

I saw this really amazing Vette today. Unfortunately it was going the opposite way of me. It was a first generation and it had some aftermarket parts on it. It was a stunner. That got me thinking about some of the nice Vettes I’ve seen over the years. Corvettes are a love or hate car. I really love them, particularly the really old ones and the really new ones. The ones in between I kind of hate. Sorry if you have one.


Some Vettes are completely showed out. I don’t suppose that one above sees much time on the road but it’s a shame. They are great fun to drive.

I really like the custom livery on this one. Giant American flag themed cars don’t always work, but it does on this one.

World of Wheels is known for it’s over the top show cars. Another example of a Vette that probably doesn’t see much road time.

Then of course there is the big dog. The C6 Z06. 505hp and one hell of a ride. This one from our Corvette Z06 Review.

This had to be the deepest black I’d ever seen on a car. I swear I could have dove right in.

The Corvette is so legendary it gets it’s own badge.


I’ve had a lot of seat time in the C6 Vette. They are a tight fit for a big guy like me but it’s worth squeezing in and out. They are a blast to drive.

One more to wrap it up.

Do you have a favorite Vette? Do you even like Vettes? You could let us know in the comments below.