Mar 16

Sunday Commentary: Phil Collins can shut up anytime now

There is a an old Phil Collins song where the lyrics say “I wish it would rain down.” Well he got his wish here on an later winters weekend where it seems every place a major automotive race is occurring it is also raining. Why does Phil Collins hate racing? I suppose the rain delay at Bristol is a good thing. If the race were on I certainly would not be getting any work done. However the rain continues to fall so here I am cranking out the Sunday Commentary. The F1 GP of Australia also saw rain this weekend. While the GP only got some sprinkles, downpours made qualifying rather interesting. I hear Reno will have a full recap of Australia later this week. While I’ve got Nascar duty. They will get the race in soon so never fear.


We had another short week this week. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that it’s going to be this way until car show season heats up. I’ve heard from several of you asking what the deal is with the short weeks here at IG and quite frankly my plate is over flowing. Without getting into details my day job is taking up a lot of time, a side business of mine is taking off, and winter is keeping any car fun at a minimum. Soon though we will return to glory with full weeks of awesome cars. I only sleep a few hours a night any way so I’ll fit it all in somewhere. In the mean time lets do the week in review and look forward to the coming week where we will have a lot of race coverage, some cool cars, and maybe even some new car news.

Custom Dodge Challenger
Remember this cool custom Challenger from the Barry Apple Festival car show? Well I spoke with the owner this week via email. I just thought it was worth mentioning that all of the custom stereo and engine bay work was done by him. I appreciate some cool creativity so it needed mentioning. You can click on the link above to check out more on that Challenger in case you missed it the first time.

Nascar Spring Cup Series Cobalt 400
The good ole boys were out west last week at Las Vegas in what was a pretty good race. Lots of lead changes and it came down to the last lap before the winner was decided. That’s what you want in every race. Vegas is a completely different place this the race this week at Bristol. That’s what makes Nascar fun. If you happened to miss the race last week you have time to catch our recap before the start at Bristol today.

F1 Fantasy League
If you haven’t joined there is still time to check out the Infinite Garage Formula ! Fantasy League. You can take on Reno and I to see if you’re the best team manager. Week one is in the books but there is plenty of racing action to go.

DTM Audi
Another series we like is DTM. We won’t be doing any race recaps for DTM but that doesn’t mean we don’t want ot check out the cars. Audi gave us an advanced look at their DTM race for the year. It is insane.

F1 preview
F1 is now underway, but just before this weekends GP Reno did a preview of the season. What to expect, rule changes, new drivers and new teams, F1 is full of surprises this year. If the Grand Prix of Australia is any indication this season is going to be great.
Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) on track at the Bahrain International Circuit

You either love or hate Corvettes, but I’ll bet everyone reading appreciates them. I did a little recap of my favorite Vettes from last year. What better way to spend a Sunday then looking through some photos of an American Icon.

That will wrap up the week here at IG. One more week closer to car show season.
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As always, thanks for checking us out. Until next time, keep it shiny side up!