Dec 10

Dream-Cicle Ford Hot Rod

Ford Hot Rods aren’t exactly rare these days but that doesn’t mean they aren’t cool. This one in particular has caught my eye at various shows and events. It’s so clean and detailed yet it still gets driven which is something we always love to see.

Cream is the theme for this rod with custom touches everywhere, so hit the jump and lets explore some of those.

Rumble seats are always cool. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to cruise down the highway in one. I assume not so comfortable and pretty dangerous. That’s probably why I will never try it.

The engine bay is clean enough to eat off of.

Even the radiator cap was shined up and inscribed.

The attention to detail carries inside with this awesome wooden dash and door treatment.

Even the door treatment has some wood graining on it

The custom door upholstery fits the theme as well.

Back in the engine bay we see the car’s namesake.

Of course the classic Ford grill gets a shining with everything else.

Classic blue oval

Delicate buy stylish mirrors help to keep the car sleek.

I love hot rods that have details like this. Everywhere you look on the car there is something that catches your eye, but sometimes the best details are the ones that don’t. This Ford is a real attention grabber and one I always look forward to seeing a local events.


  1. Chris B.

    These pictures are great! Nice job, Jason.

  2. Jason

    Thanks Chris, I feel like my photography is finally starting to come around. Of course having a really photogenic car to shoot like this helps.

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