Dec 09

Sunday Commentary, Dec. 9th Edition

As we settle into winter the car world slows down dramatically as we wait for the big auto shows to heat up in January. This of course means some slow time here at Infinite Garage and the chance to do a little bit more of an opinion piece rather than news or show coverage. One thing my friends have told me all along is to put more of my personality and opinion into the site. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing because I have some very strong opinions about all things automotive and I could see myself ticking some people off. Let’s try it though.

Pictured above is an awesome Mustang from our World of Wheels coverage earlier this year. Our own Chris went from editor to journalist over night to get us some sweet coverage from the event. By now you guys are surely used to seeing awesome muscle cars, hot rods, and other customs here on IG. We have plenty more of that to come as we move forward.

Hit the jump for a round of this week in the car world as well as a preview of the upcoming week, and some opinion.

Week in Review
Of course the big story of the week was the Audi RS6 Avant. I don’t get SUVs at all. They’re big, have poor fuel economy, and generally drive like crap. I think wagons are a perfect alternative. Of course wagons fell out of grace here in America in the 1980’s because there were some truly dreadful examples of the breed back then. However in modern times we’ve seen the Dodge Magnum, E-class Wagon, and even the Cadillac CTS Wagon which are all awesome. Then there is the RS6 Avant which sports well over 500hp, a mountain of torque, and tons of luxury. If you can afford it, it’s a sweet deal.

next week
Next week I have a cool feature ride on a Ford hot rod you guys will love. It’s over the top with custom features and its fit and finish rivals some of the best we’ve seen. I’ve teased it in several articles from events over the last year and the time has come for it’s own feature article. So, here’s one more teaser before we get to the article this week.

One criticism we take (which goes for most other internet sites as well) is ads. It’s as simple as this… it costs money to go to shows, fuel our cars, review cars, and host a website. Largely everything you’ve seen on Infinite-Garage.com comes out of our pockets. We have a crazy dream of doing this for a living someday so that all of our coverage is from shows and other events so we aren’t doing any press releases from the automakers and have all original content. To achieve that dream, it means selling ads, and having affiliate links and such. Think of it as like reading your local newspaper. In fact it’s a lot like that except we are destroying my local news paper in terms of circulation. I’m kind of proud of that. So, we appreciate you guys putting up with the ads, visiting our sponsors, etc. That gets us one step closer to bringing you 24/7 coverage from shows and events.

Readers’ Rides and Submissions
This is one thing we’ve done very little of so far, but want to do a lot of in the future. If you have something you think we might be interested in featuring – send one of us an email using the contact form on the upper part of every page or send me one at jason@infinite-garage.com

One last thing as I wrap up this week is that on December 7th we commemorated Pearl Harbor Day. While this year’s anniversary is gone and past if you get the chance to thank a veteran for his service, especially those of the WWII generation please do so. They sacrificed so much for this great country and that generation is fading fast. To any Veterans who read this pokey little car blog, thank you.