Apr 10

Ferrari gives $5,600 bonuses to it’s employees

Chances are if you are reading this you are working for living. Now why do I say that? Well our key demographic here at IG is working men. Now chances are if you are reading this your employer has not given you a $5,600 bonus this year. I did give Reno some coupons for burritos as his bonus. Maybe working for IG is a lot like working for Ferrari? Never the less you read the title correctly. Ferrari doled out a $5,600 bonus to all it’s employees this year because the company is doing so well.
Ferrari Hillclimb
We don’t value our employees like that here in America. Record profit generally equal record bonuses for the guys in suits up top but at Ferrari they do things a bit differently. Oh sure the guys up top got their share, as they should, but the guys doing the work get some too. That’s pretty cool and I have great respect for any company that rewards good work. While I probably won’t be a Ferrari customer in this lifetime I suppose if I were in that income bracket I’d be a little more inclined to buy one of their slick machines. Nah, I’d still buy an old Cuda.

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Record bonus awarded to Ferrari employees

Maranello, 8 April 2014 – Ferrari has announced that its production bonus for employees for 2013 will amount to 4,096 euro, the highest ever awarded in the company’s history.

The production bonus is in recognition of the excellent financial results achieved last year, not least of which were record profits, in addition to other parameters, such as levels of quality.

This means that, on top of the two advances of 1,000 euro each already received, Ferrari employees will find an extra 2,096 euro in their pay packets this month. For a young employee hired recently, this equates to an extra 20 per cent of his or her annual salary.
Ferrari Hillclimb
This bonus, the result of an agreement signed with the unions in 2012, is linked to a grid of operational values with the objective of sharing the company’s success.
Ferrari Hillclimb
Last year, as well as the production bonus, an additional three-yearly bonus was paid out and Chairman Luca di Montezemolo has announced its extension for a further three years.
Italian GP 2013
In 2013 Ferrari adopted a strategy to reduce production to under 7000 cars a year to preserve their exclusivity and value over time, and this strategy will continue this year and into 2015. Last year revenues increased by 5 per cent and trading profits rose by 8.3 per cent. These are unprecedented figures, as is the net financial position which, at the end of 2013, stood at an all-time high.