Apr 12

Photos from the 2013 Jacksonville Cruise Night Car Show

Finally we return to Jacksonville. A city famous for….well for the big Ferris wheel in the park. Jacksonville was always a car town when I was younger. We’d go there and cruse some times, meet new people, see cars we hadn’t seen. Like a lot of car towns a few bad apples ruined it for everyone and the cruising was stopped by the police. Fortunately for one weekend out of the year the cruising lives on with Cruise Night. Certainly not unique to Jacksonville but it was my first experience as a young kid with a huge car event. I must have been 8 or 10 years old the first time my Dad took me there and it was awesome. I try to go back every chance I get.

Other obligations got in the way of actually going to the Cruise Night event however I did manage to hit the car show the follows the next day. The weather was great and the turn out pretty big. There was something for everyone. So hit the jump for more.

Of course no car show is complete without a Camaro or fifty. 68 or 69 which is your favorite?

More Chevy power.

Wagons will forever be cool.
A color shot of the truck above.
The new GTO has serious collector car potential. If you are looking for a modern car to hang on to for 30 years and turn a profit this is in my top two or three. Underrated, unloved, nice power, and short production run. It’s got all the makings.

full shot of that goat.
We will end it with on of the timeless classics.