Apr 13

Sunday Commentary: you thought I forgot again

It appears as if the last thing I will do this weekend is write the Sunday Commentary. Another busy week for me kept too much from getting done here at IG but we did manage to have a pretty decent week. The weather seems to finally be getting better here in the Midwest although the forecast is for snow showers over night. I am not too concerned with them as the weather gets back to decent later in the week. We are now less than a month away from the first big show of the year in my area and it is about time. In fact my calender has filled up nicely in the last week and it looks to be a good year for what we do here.
One of the things I’m wondering how to implement in IG this year is video. I’ve stocked up on some video gear, software, and mounts now I just need to sweet talk some people into letting me film their car. In theory it’s easy. There are millions of videos on the internet with cars. Reality is much much harder. So we will see how that goes. Worst case scenario I will get some cool out of car shots at the shows. We will see. In the mean time let’s take a look back at the week that was here at IG.

Why we Drive
The week started off on a bit of an odd note. I had actually sat down to write last weeks week in review and that just turned into me rambling about driving. As it turns out many of you actually liked that. I’m not sure what that means for the future but maybe I’ll let things fly a little more fast and loose more often.

The Golden Era of Nascar
The week went on with “American Stock: The Golden Era of Nascar.” It’s exactly what you think it is. Lots of cool old footage and info about the roots of Americans favorite sport.
That reminds me, I should probably do a recap of the last race. Maybe tomorrow.

Baharain GP recap
Speaking of recaps Reno did a recap of last weeks Grand Prix. It was a wild one. If you missed that you will want to check it out for sure.

Long Beach
Long Beach and Forza together now you know you want trouble. The legendary street circuit comes to Forza Motorsports 5 for free. Free is good.

It is good to work at Ferrari
You may have head about the nice bonus Ferrari gave it’s employees. If not we covered it. Really it was just an excuse to post a bunch of prancing horse pictures.
Ferrari race car

Cruise Night
The week wrapped up with some Cruise Night car show coverage. Jacksonville, Illinois Cruise Night is a big deal in this area and this year was no exception. The show was a good one. We have more pics to go yet.


They say all good things must come to an end. That is the case for this week. However the new week starts in just 47 minutes for me and chances are if you are reading this it’s already Monday where you are. I am not sure what is in store for us here in the week ahead but it will be a V8 powered pile of American bad ass.

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As always, thanks for checking us out. Until next time, keep it shiny side up!