Jan 18

GM says Scion FRS, Subaru BRZ rival “on the list” of things to do

The Subaru BRZ and Scion FRS are the hottest thing going these days. They selling well, garnering critical praise, and if you remember our test drive of the GT86 a freaking blast to drive. GM wants in on that action. You might remember the Chevy code from the 2012 NAIAS. We hated it, and pretty much everyone did. With bland crappy styling it was not any to write home about other than it was RWD and small. Well GM isn’t saying that is their BRZ fighter, and we suspect it isn’t.

Chevy Code 130R

So GM’s North American head honcho Mark Ruess is saying “it’s on the list, it would be a great entry for us.” What we expect to happen is a small car, maybe the Code or something similar based on the Alpha platform. The Alpha platform is what the Cadillac ATS rides on, and is what the next generation Camaro will be on. That’s a pretty good platform to start with. The question is when. With the BRZ/FRS already out there in numbers, the Hyundai Genesis well into production and ready for a refresh GM is quite far behind the game here. We haven’t heard of any thing even close to a production ready prototype and a quick call to GM netted us no info. So this is going to have to fall into the we’ll keep you posted category. I’d love to see it, the more sports cars the better. What do you think? Do you like the code? Do you want to see something else from GM?


  1. Lord Funkatron

    Here’s the problem. GM is positioned with the C7 as sports car, Camaro as muscle car. I don’t see room for the Code. Maybe if Pontiac was still around with no Firebird. The only way I can justify its existence in the market is if the V6 Camaro is left out in the next gen and it slots as a cheap performance car. The problem is that the base Camaro is too expensive to fill as the cheap RWD car. Not to mention heavy and slow.

    This view makes me sad because GM does have probably the most robust turbo 4 in the market with the LFA. With just small mods and tune you’re looking at 350-400 HP quick. I think they missed out with bringing just roadsters with the Solstice and Sky. If one of those had been a useable hardtop/hatchback at a better price, you might have seen things work out differently.

    1. Infinitegarage

      I think you are spot on. The potential is there but there are just too many questions on where it would slot in. Unless maybe the next Camaro gets much more expensive I just can’t see people spendint 25-30k on a Code when the Camaro can be had for 30k or a bit more.

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