Mar 30

It’s good to be Fernando Alonso

If you have a good day at your job, make a lot of money for your company, and do something really great you probably get a pat on your back and an atta boy. That is if you are lucky. If you are Fernando Alonso you get a brand spanking new Ferrari FF. It’s pretty good to be Fernando Alonso.

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source: Ferrari

Montezemolo meets Alonso in Maranello

Maranello, 26 March – Ferrari Chairmain Luca di Montezemolo met Fernando Alonso today for a long meeting in Maranello. After he had spoken with Montezemolo the Spanish driver met the Team’s technicians and mechanics, who didn’t go to Malaysia. Later on he went to the gym for some exercise after he had taken part in the usual presentation of the flag with the Prancing Horse, which is run up at the entrance to the Scuderia department after every victory.