Jan 15

Kia GT4 Stinger: Kia enters the sports car world with a bang!

Kia and Sports car are not two words ever uttered before in the same sentence, but here it is. At the North American International Autoshow Kia brought the thunder with it’s new GT4 Stinger. The car impresses in a big way. First off it’s pretty aggressive looking which is a must for any sports car. Add RWD, 2+2 seating and a 2.0L turbocharged engine pumping out 300hp mated to a six speed manual and it’s a recipe for success.
Kia says the car is designed with a “shrink wrapped” appearance in mind. Meaning instead of bolting up body panels to the underpinnings the panels are form fitted to the underpinnings. It makes for a stream lined look. Every piece is made to be smooth and flowing around the car. Take the brake ducts for example. Those are made to fit flush to the front end for maximum air flow. Carbon fiber parts are used to keep down weight and for a racy look.


The rear of the car widens out to house the 275 tires hiding back there. The back end has dual exhaust outlets and blacked out LED lights for a sporty look.
Would you buy a Kia sports car? My answer before today was certainly a no, but I gotta say this GT4 Stinger is a pretty sharp little ride. I’d love to see this concept become reality. Kia can’t seem to miss lately and concepts like this are another reason why.

Of course if the concept does become reality we will tell you all about. it.