Oct 20

Of car shows past

Since I’m heading out to some shows this weekend and posting will be light for a couple days I thought I’d share some of the cars from various shows throughout the year that I haven’t posted just yet. While I usually have plenty of content from every show I literally take hundreds of pictures and some are still nice, but just don’t quite make the cut due to time restraints or lack of information. These are those pictures.

Some cars just are parked in places where a good full sized picture isn’t possible. This was the case with a lot of cars at the Barry Apple Festival. However I’ll bet most of you reading this can tell what this car is just from this picture.

Other maybe suffer from horrible lighting conditions. Sometimes at shows once the sun is high in the sky it is pretty hard to get a nice picture, particularly of light colored vehicles. However I thought this picture was a great example from the White Hall Drag O Way Reunion because it showed the huge turn out of cars and trucks.

You never know what you will see out at a show.

Sometimes I get asked what it will take to get their car on Infinitegarage.com. There really is no answer to that because I do not go looking for anything in particular, I just find things I like and go from there. Of course custom touches will not hurt your chances of getting features. Something like putting a Corvette engine in your classic pick up truck.

One thing I love seeing is the various hood ornaments and badges that came to be over the years. This Plymouth really caught my eye.

That will wrap it up for today. I’m off to three shows this weekend with the hopes of getting more unique and original content for you guys to enjoy.