Mar 01

Should America dim lights on highways at night to save some energy.

According to the BBC the UK is considering dimming lights on their roadway network to save money. This would also save energy and energy is going to be the hot topic of the next century.

This got me thinking, should we do that here? I’ve long thought that many of the lights we have in our towns and highways are just a waste on energy and money. Not to mention it causes light pollution which ruins the view of the night sky. I’ll bet many of you have never seen the Milky Way because of all the light pollution. Of course some of these lights are on for safety reasons but do we really need all of them? The ones on the interchanges are particularly superfluous to me. Cars have lights, the interstates have reflectors to mark lanes and turn lanes so it would seem to me we don’t need the big over head lights. I’m not exactly a tree hugging hippie, but I also believe in conserving when you can. So maybe we could use this as a jump off point to start talking about these sort of things to make the world a better place with cars.

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  1. Turn windsheilds into night vision screens. Then we’d need no lights at all!
    Mostly kidding on this, but think some kind of reliable lowlight assistance would be a decent idea.

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