Mar 03

Five Cars We Can’t Wait to Drive in 2012

Fair warning, I stole the idea of this article from one of the dinosaurs of print car media. I’m also going to take this chance to bash the daylights out of said dinosaur. Here’s what I’m going to talk about in this article; five cars we actually want to drive this year, not a huge list of cars that we were paid to write about by our sponsors like the dinosaurs of print media do. We will never on Infinite-Garage pander to a sponsor – we will always tell you the truth about the cars we drive. So, what you won’t read in this article is about the new Honda Accord and how we can’t wait for this years redesign so we can drive it. We won’t put it on our ten best list and in fact there’s almost no chance in hell we even bother testing what is the worst of the family sedans produced today. If you want to read about the upcoming Honda accord by all means x out of our page, delete us from your book marks, and defriend us on facebook. You are not one of us. You are not a car guy. We have no problems if you drive an Accord, because your wife probably picked it out, or you got it cheap, or maybe you read Motor Driver and bought into their BS. It’s ok you’re with us now. We’ll guide you in the right direction.

Hit the jump to read about the cars WE ACTUALLY WANT TO DRIVE in 2012.

First up: The Cadillac ATS-V. Yes there will be a V version of the new baby Cad and if it’s half as good as its big brother the CTS-V it’s going to be amazing. We’ve heard two rumors on engine choices, one being an all new turbo V6 that would make close to 400hp, and the other being the new smaller LS series V8 that would make the same power on higher compression with better economy. Both sound pretty awesome to us. Pricing will probably be around 50k, or 3 series killing territory.

Second: Sticking with GM – the new Corvette. We’ll know all about it by mid-summer and we can’t wait. Since the C5 the Vette has been truly world class and the C7 will be no different. It will be powered by the LS successor 5.5 V8 making 430hp. If pricing trends on the last year or so and C6s are any indication we’ll see this one come in around 50k. Yes the Vette is getting less affordable for the working man now, but there is always the used market.

Third: Subaru BRZ/Scion FRS: An early favorite for our car of the year. Light, nimble, RWD, and cheap. yep were sold.

Fourth: Mercedes S class. We heard we are getting a new one. Now the S class isn’t that exciting, and it isn’t even that great of a car considering its price and reliability, but it is what every car on the road will have on it in 10 years. So it’s like going to the future and that’s why we want to drive it.

Fifth: There were a lot of great choices for the last spot, but I’d feel like I’d be lying to you and myself if I didn’t go with the Ferrari F12. It’s like when some car mag picks their car of the year and it’s the freaking Honda Accord. 🙂 You ask yourself “was that really the best car they drove all year?” Now “best” is of course subjective and very different from a car guy vs average consumer perspective but the fact is we are car guys here. So, we had to pick the F12. Ferrari’s new monster V12 is a dream car. Dare I say it, it’s not pretty, but it’s still amazing. It still has that Ferrariness and you can bet your Honda Accord driving ass that we want to drive it.

So there you have it. The five cars we want to drive most this year. No, they aren’t all practical, cheap, affordable, or even great cars, but if you look at that list of cars and say “yeah I want to drive those” then you are in the right place. The place where we dream big, drive hard, and sometimes nothing makes sense. That’s us, that’s Infinite-Garage

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  1. Chris B.

    Jason, when I edited this post the last sentence of it struck me. I think I-G’s Motto / Slogan should be “Dream big, Drive hard.” Or at least something along those lines. Nice job!

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