Aug 16

Speed Week 2013 – Film Friday.

Speed Week 2013

Just about everything was out at Speed Week 2013.  From purpose built streamliners, production based cars and vintage oddballs like this Crosley there is a category for just about any vehicle at Bonneville.  Hit the jump for some video from the starting line at  Speed Week 2013.

Speed Week 2013Of all the cars you would expect to see at Speed Week 2013 a 1947 Crosley  Coupe would probably not be one of them.  I don’t have too much info on this particular car but it’s little 750cc engine sure sounded mean.

One of the greatest things about Bonneville is the fact that as a spectator you can get right up to the start line and really experience the event.  Speed Week 2013 was no exception and I was able to get up close to a number of cars during the morning runs on the first Sunday of the event.

Check out the Crosley in the playlist below, as well as the fastest car at the event, Speed Demon streamliner, and more random goodness from the starting line at Speed Week 2013.