Aug 18

Sunday Commentary: Salt, greatness, and muscle

Once again we’ve reached that time of the week when it’s time to recover from what ever craziness we did over the weekend and begin to think about what needs to be done this week when we head back in to work. That’s where the Sunday Commentary comes in. You may have missed some things as you went about your week and we are here to remind you of what you may missed. I’m going to try some new things this week as well in the Sunday Commentary and you’ll have to let me know if you like them or not.

Bonneville 2013

But first! Let’s do the week in review, the some real commentary and check out some awesome rods, muscle, and classics along the way.

OHHHH Barracuda!
Early in the week we took a look at a fantastic little Barracuda.

Mustang Wallpaper
Wallpaper Wednesday went all Ford on us. Some people think we are a little to heavy with the Mopar but the truth is we just love cars. We try to weave in some Ford and Chevy as well. So this week Wallpaper Wednesday took a Ford flavor with a new Mustang. It wasn’t our most popular wallpaper but you still may want check it out. The new Mustang is quite the car and we’d proudly rock one for our company car so if anyone from Ford is listening. ha. Anyway, Ford fans get your Mustang Wallpaper.
Mustang Wallpaper

C7 Corvette Configurable instrument cluster
The C7 Corvette Stingray is just it. It’s going to be the greatest car of our generation. $50,000, 450hp, and world class handling it will be something to see. Now we have just another tiny morsel to wet our appetites in the form of a demonstrational video of the instrument cluster. It’s highly configurable, packed with info, and super cool.

Bonneville 2013
If it’s mid August it must mean it’s time for Speedweek in Bonneville. It is a little sad that of all the huge automotive media this pokey motoring site created by a fat guy in Illinois with the help of a really tall guy in Reno, Nevada is the only journalistic outlet to bother covering Bonneville. Bonneville is where our roots lay. It’s the birth place of hot rodding, the Mecca of speed. It is a place where car guy should make a pilgrimage at least once in their life to take in the splendor that is man and car attempting what was once deemed impossible. So this week our coverage of Bonneville began with Bonneville Part I.
Bonneville 2013

Special cars.
We have a huge list of running ideas for this site. Some go by the wayside, but some actually come to fruition and I’d like to sneak peak one that I hope comes to fruition this winter and that is my great cars series. It sounds silly on the surface but I think once we dive deeper you’ll get it. It struck me while blasting down a rural highway in a Mercedes E63 AMG. There are plenty of good cars out there, there are many great cars, but some cars are just special. It’s hard to pin down why but some cars I would put into the special category or a Hemi Cuda, Mercedes E63 AMG, Corvette Z06 (C6), and a Mazda Miata. All very different cars, all very special for reasons that are not easily quantifiable.
It struck me that the Mercedes E63 AMG is one of those special cars. Without disclosing to much I came to a stretch of road where I had to be at a complete stop but ahead of me lay nearly three miles of straight flat road. (closed course, nudge nudge, wink wink). The things that car was capable of blew me away. It’s a full sized heavy family sedan that goes like a Ferrari. Just let that sink in a bit. So somewhere deep into triple digits the idea of a special cars series hit me. So this winter we will probably debut that series once car show season has wound down.

Film Friday!
Film Friday this week was all about Bonneville. We’ll have even more next week but for now check out some sweet footage with some great audio from the salt. So turn up the surround sound.
Speed Week 2013

That will do it for this week. Hope you are having a great Sunday and I hope you get out there and drive something today!
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Until next time keep it shiny side up!