May 14

SRT to be killed off…sort of

Fiat revealed it’s master plan for the next four years and the big news is that SRT is going away. No, performance vehicles aren’t going away. The Viper stays and gets a refresh in 2015. The Viper is a great performer but it’s expensive and that other American sports car performs better and is less than half the cost. The Viper has a tough hill to climb. Still, the fact that they didn’t kill it off all together is good.
That brings us to this SRT going away business. It looks as if though SRT will cease to be it’s own production house and come back into the fold of Dodge. That means the refreshed Viper will not be called the SRT Viper but the Dodge Viper. Thank God our long national nightmare is over. That Challenger will get a redo in 2018 and the Dodge Caravan is going away. I’m sure soccer moms ever where are crying over their Ipads right now. I suppose the last bit of news is that an SRT Dart will arrive in the next few years. No word on exactly what that means but if you remember the last SRT economy car, the SRT-4 it was a potent little street fighter.