Apr 07

Sunday Commentary:the return of the Chevelle, Stingray Convertible #1, Camaro to go upmarket?

With the weather heating up things have been here too at IG. While I was gone all weekend on business I sort of did not have time to write the Sunday Commentary. So here it is a little late. The car world was reasonably quite this week as is to be expected this time of year. However I was out shooting some muscle cars and hot rods for future articles. In the mean time the rumor mill has really heated up in the muscle car segment.

Plymouth hot rod

While this edition of the Sunday Commentary may be a bit short we will talk about the next Dodge Challenger, the return of the Chevelle, and Mini contracting models. So if that sort of thing interests you, not to mention all kinds of cool pictures hit the jump to read on.

The Chevelle may come back
So you might remember the Chevelle, you know old awesome muscle car? Well as it turns out Chevy is looking at bringing it back. We do not know this for sure but we do know GM filed for a trademark on the name “Chevelle.” So why and what would it be? Well most people think that the abomination known as the Chevy Code is the likely candidate. Chevy has to come up with a Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ fighter to keep the younger enthusiast crowd.
So Chevy please don’t turn this

into this
Chevy Code 130R

The Camaro going forward
Camaro Z28
So what does all this mean for the Camaro?

-Option one is nothing, the Camaro lives on as is as it should.
-Option two is the Camaro gets more expensive because the new Chevelle would cramp it’s style a bit. Pushing younger less fiscally endowed buyers to the cheaper Chevelle and the older wealthier buyers to the Camaro.
-Option three is kind of out there but I’ve heard some smarter then people me propose it. That would be the Camaro goes away with the Code taking up that slot in the price range, while a new Chevelle would take over for the Camaro.
-Option 4. The Chevy SS is a stupid name, maybe the SS gets names the Chevelle after the new wears off?

I don’t know what it all means and what will happen I’m just throwing out ideas. What do you think?

Week in review
Speaking of cars coming back, Yesterday I talked a bit about the return of the Cuda. It sounds like it may be on a completely new platform separate from the Challenger. That would be awesome. You can check out the article on the Viper vs ZR1.

The Corvette Aerowagon was a huge hit amoungst IG fans this week. NOT. What we heard from you guys was that you didn’t really like the idea of a shooting brake Vette. Understandably so. I’m not opposed to the idea myself but I understand. I think it’s kind of cool.
callaway corvette aerowagon
random hot rod pic

Hot Rod by dave_7, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  dave_7 

Hennessey Venom breaks speed record. Sorta.

So master promoter John Hennessey claims his Venom has beaten the Bugatti Veyron’s production car top speed record. I could rant for days on that statement but let me sum it up like this. The Venom IS NOT A PRODUCTION CAR. It is a stretched Lotus with a Chevy engine. Come back Mr. Hennessey when you have actually produced an original car. IG will not recognize this record.

Well it’s getting late, Sunday is about to turn into Monday so I better wrap this up. Send in your reader ride photos, get out to the shows and more importantly go for a drive! Until next time keep it shiny side up!
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