Apr 06

Viper vs ZR1 again, The new Cuda and next gen Challenger

You are probably well aware of the Dodge Viper and Chevrolet Corvette rivalry. It’s been going on in various forms for quite a while now and in the last six months it has been stepped up considerably with the launch of the new SRT Viper, which got it’s rear handed to it by the ZR1 the first time. This hurt the egos over at SRT so they brought the Viper TA to the next fight. The Viper managed to squeeze out a victory in what has been a hotly debated comparison. Well motor trend has gotten together with Ralph Giles of SRT in a round table discussion to talk all things Viper, including Viper vs Vette.

SRT Viper TA

The round table yielded some other goodies as well. For example we learned the new Cuda is a ways off still, meaning we will get an all new Challenger in 2014. It is said to debut at New York next year. In related news the new Cuda WILL NOT be on the same platform as the Challenger. hmmm. That opens the book for all kinds of interesting possibilities. Also the next Challenger is aimed to throw hands with the Z/28 Camaro and what ever Ford comes up with between now and then. It looks like the pony car wars are alive and kicking. TAKE THAT FOUR DOLLAR A GALLON GAS! MURICA!

If you want to watch the round table hit the jump for the full video.