Dec 16

Sunday Commentary. Dec 16 2012 Edition

With December half over the realization of putting another year in the books has sunk in. The car world was running on auto pilot this week as is typical this time of the year. However as we do on Sunday let’s take a look back at the week that was and a look forward to the week that will be.

So hit the jump to hear about all that was news, is news, and some things we are working on and hope to do in the coming days ahead.

Week in Review
One of the big stories of the week was Ferrari finally releasing some teaser pics of the replacement to the Enzo. They call it the F150 but don’t confuse this light weight carbon 800 horsepower monster for a pick up truck.

It was a big week for supercar makers with Porsche unveiling it’s awesome 911 GT3 cup car. Built for it’s own race series the 911 GT3 Cup is race ready if you have the cash.
Porsche 911 GT3 Cup

Week Ahead
Coming up this week we have a look at a car cruise in from Cameron Park California, we take a look at a Road Runner Superbird Clone, and we’ll check out the freshly revealed Chevy Silverado and GMC pick up trucks. I’ll bet you thought we’d slack off with less then a week away from Christmas.

Reader Rides
Submit your readers rides to us using the contact form on the main page, you can hit us up on facebook or twitter as well. We want to feature your cars!

Other business
We are working on all kinds of new things for the new year. I’m very excited about it all. You guys have asked for motorcycle coverage and we’ve decided to try that out. We think they are cool to so why not? We also have a new video project upcoming we are super excited about that is all about doing cheap, but cool mods to your car that you can do on almost any budget. It’s all very DIY orientated and I think you guys will love it.

As always your questions, comments, and other thoughts are always welcome. Have a great Sunday!