Jan 13

Sunday Commentary: January 13, 2013 Cars, junk, n stuff

So by the time you read this the Sunday morning talking heads will have blabbed on about all the “important issues” that face us as a nation but not a single one of those boring a holes will mention a thing about cars. Well that’s what we are here for, to tackle the serious issues.
Lotus Exige V6 Cup Car

So are you caught up on Dakar? Today is a day of rest for the series so we will do a little catch up on things. It was an exciting and sad week so far with the tragic death of rider Thomas Bourgin. It’s a sober remind that with all the safety gear and medical advances that racing is still a deadly sport. Our hearts go out to him.

So the North American Auto Show is this week. That kind of a huge deal and with Dakar continuing and the Autoshow news breaking it’s gonna be busy here. Of course the big news is..

The C7 Vette. In fact as we speak the show floor is being prepped for the big reveal. We pretty much know what it’s going to look like from leaks and such but nothing beat seeing the real thing. We’ll have pics for you as soon as can. Here is Automobile’s cover featuring the rear rendered.
Automobile Corvette cover

You might also want to check out the last teaser video on the C7.

Hot Rods
I don’t really have much news to report here other then I’m really missing hot rods right now. I hate winter, we had an ice storm last night and it just reminds me that it’s going to be another six weeks or so before anyone gets their cars back out for some fun. Here’s one from last year to help get everyone through the long cold winter.
classic hot rod

Speaking of hot rods.
Readers Rides
We are always looking for readers ride submissions. Like this awesome 39 submitted by Roger Ross on Facebook.

39 wildrod

You guys can submit your own reader rides on facebook or email us here at the site using the contact form.

Lastly, we have gotten a ton of new visitors lately, and we reached over 3000 likes on Facebook. I just wanted to take a second to thank you guys for taking the time out of your lives to come here and support us. Have a look around the site to see what we do. Hope you stay around, comment, like us on Facebook, and interact with us.

Stay tuned later in the day for news from the North American International Autoshow.