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Apr 04

2013 SRT Viper Details, specs, and pictures

Post two of our ongoing orgasm over the new Dodge SRT Viper. Let’s get down to the details. The new Viper retains it’s V10 engine now up to 8.4L and 640hp!!! Wow. It also pumps out 600lb-ft of torque. SRT has worked the chassis for better handling and control, coupled with mammoth 355 meats out …

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Dec 13

The Viper Returns!

Chrysler announced today that the Viper will be back in 2013, which we already knew.  However, we did not know that, starting in late 2012, they will reopen the Conner Plant near Detroit, bringing back 150 jobs. The plant is getting reworked as well. Long live the Viper!