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Feb 20

Chevy SS Catches Fire at Daytona

The Chevy SS is one hot ride. So hot in fact that it sometimes catches fire. Ok, this is the only one we have heard of catching fire so that’s not a fair statement to make. In fact I think the Chevy SS is pretty damn cool. What would cause a fire on the new …

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Nov 19

Calloway SS

Calloway SS

Calloway knows how to make cars go fast and they’ve been tuning Chevys for a long time now. I’m sure most of you are familiar with the Calloway Corvette. Now the gang over at Calloway has decided to try their hands at the all new Chevy SS. In case you aren’t familiar with the SS …

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Feb 18

Holden Commodore VF V8 Super Car with video

holden v8 super car

So let’s play fantasy world for a second. Let’s say we had some serious road racing here in the states like ALMS and Grand Am but with big crazy cars. That would be V8 super cars. If that existed here maybe the Chevy SS would run in that series and if it did it would …

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Feb 17

Sunday Commentary: Feb. 17, 2013 car care, Chevy, and Polara


With February half over dreams of hot rods, muscle cars, and all sorts of customs are dancing in my head as car show season is screaming towards us now. The time changes in just a few weeks and the midwest has already started to show signs of greening up. It lifts the spirit knowing that …

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Feb 11

The new Holden Commadore aka Chevy SS

VF Commadore

So like everyone we want to see the Chevy SS. It’s coming in just a week or two but Holden kind of dropped the bomb early on us. It’s no secret that the Chevy SS will likely be a rebadged, refasciaed Holden Commadore and now we know what the new Commadore looks like. Pretty little …

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