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Mar 06

The Ferrari LaFerrari Specs

Finally all is known about the Ferrari LaFerrari, which is the successor to the Ferrari Enzo. The LaFerrari has huge shoes to fill following what might be the ultimate super car, a car that was so good it was named after Enzo Ferrari the founder of the company. That brings us to the LaFerrari, which …

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Dec 14

Enzo Successor Teaser Pics, The Ferrari F150

The replacement to the Enzo is coming next year and it promises to be pretty special. It’s rumored to have 800hp, with a HY-KERS equipped V12. We now know (sort of) what the front and rear will look like. Stay tuned for more as we think this car will release at the Detroit autoshow, 2013. …

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Apr 23

Ferrari shows us Hy-Kers that goes in their next hypercar

So the Enzo’s successor is coming this year we think. So leading up to that Ferrari has decided to show us a bit of the drivetrain. I still haven’t quite figured out Ferrari’s obsession with going hybrid. It’s not like they have economy cars that this tech will trickle down to. I understand Ferrari’s are …

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