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Oct 31

Chevy at SEMA

SEMA has gone from a place for aftermarket goodies and manufactures to a place were the big automakers show off their own in house tuning shops and new concepts. This year Chevy is bringing pulling out all the stops. For now we just get to see the small cars and Impala, however I’m sure soon …

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Dec 25

Merry Christmas

Chevy Impala SS

I realize here on Infinite Garage that we have a huge variety of people from all walks of life and religions. I don’t know what you believe and I don’t want to push my beliefs on you. I believe people should come together with the things they have in common, not be driven apart by …

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Nov 24

2014 Chevrolet Impala priced from $27,535

The 2014 Chevrolet Impala is nearly gauranteed to be a good seller. The outgoing Impala is one of the top selling cars in the country and for good reasons. It’s ok looking, roomy, drives nice, and gets pretty decent economy. We can expect more of the same from the 2014 Impala I’m sure. No, neither …

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Oct 23

Chevy performance set for Sema

SEMA has over the years gone from being a place for aftermarket companies to show off their goodies to a place where the big auto makers come to show concepts, aftermarket packages, and other product releases. You might remember a few weeks ago we took a look at what Chrysler had to offer. This week …

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Mar 14

Chevy to Replace the Impala in Nascar Starting 2013

We don’t cover much NASCAR here but when it invovles the prospects of a new car, especially one that could be RWD and V8 – we kind of have to. In a press release today GM announced it will no longer use the Impala in NASCAR next year, instead it will be switching to a …

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