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Dec 01

Chevy SS “Not the return of the G8”

The debut of the Nascar Chevy SS this week came with excitement and sadness. Excitement in that finally we will see a production Chevy V8 RWD sedan again. Sadness in that GM seems to think that it should be a halo car that few can afford and even fewer will enjoy. It’s sad really. The …

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Jun 11

Considering used cars

As an automotive journalist (still can’t say that with a straight face) I often get asked what car would I buy with “x” amount of money. I love those questions because it’s something I ask myself very often. So it came up again earlier with some people that have done well for themselves so their …

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Mar 14

Chevy to Replace the Impala in Nascar Starting 2013

We don’t cover much NASCAR here but when it invovles the prospects of a new car, especially one that could be RWD and V8 – we kind of have to. In a press release today GM announced it will no longer use the Impala in NASCAR next year, instead it will be switching to a …

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