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Oct 04

Michael Schumacher to retire after this season

News comes today that arguably the greatest driver of all time Michael Schumacher will be retiring at the end of the season. The 43 year old seven time world champion is in a bit of an odd spot with Lewis Hamilton now headed over the McLaren and it looks like he is ready to hang …

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Sep 27

Lewis Hamilton to leave McLaren for Mercedes

According to the telegraph Lewis Hamilton is on his way out of McLaren and headed to Mercedes. The contract is to the tune of 100 million dollars and three years. This probably means the end of the line for the greatest driver of all time Michael Schumacher.

Sep 19

The McLaren P1

The older I get the more super cars just aren’t my thing. The Lamborghini Aventador of course being the exception. However despite our hankering for hot rods, muscle, cars and all things a bit older supercars remain a huge part of the car world because most kids love affair for cars starts with a pin …

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Aug 15

McLaren 12C Can-Am edition

We haven’t done much on super cars as of late, quite frankly it’s not a huge area of interest for me because there are so few of them and I much prefer the craftsmanship and hard work of a classic hot rod or muscle car then the cold calculated engineering of a super car. That’s …

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May 25

McLaren MP4-12C running wild in the Middle East

I suppose proper auto journalist procedure here would be to type up a few paragraphs about why the Middle East is important to McLaren and maybe talk a little about F1 in the Middle East and all that. To be honest that would just be insulting your intelligence. You know why the Middle East is …

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