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Dec 18

Tech Tuesday: Coilovers

coil overs

Suspension modifications are one of the most popular and effective ways to both enhance a car’s ride and looks. Since hot-rodding began people dropped their cars in various fashions to achieve just the right stance and hopefully improve handling as well. Sometimes that last part didn’t work out so well, but with modern coilover systems, …

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Dec 03

Intake theory, the very basics. Part II

We will resume our discussion on intake theory now with part two, starting at the intake manifold.

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Dec 02

The all important first post.

Starting a blog seems daunting at first, but once you settle in, you realize the hard part is the first post. The question, I guess, is “what do I want this blog to be?”, which is an easy answer I think.  I love cars, and millions of other people love cars, so why not have …

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