Nov 12

The toughest 1964 Pontiac GTO in the land

The Pro Street style of modifying is to take a car, say a 1964 GTO, and make it ready for the drag strip with giant tires out back, some skinnies in the front, and a all the horses needed to embarrass the guy in the lane next to you. The twist though is that the car isn’t drag only but also able to cruise on the strip and maybe do a little stop light racing here and there. Let’s take a closer look at this phenomenal Pro Street GTO

The 1964 GTO was from the era of chrome. You’ll find lots of it here on the grill and bumpers. Those three letters though really meant something back then and still do today.

The Weld Wheels fit the red goat perfectly.

Good luck grabbing this tiger by the tail. Those huge tires out back are sure the help it get away quickly.

Pro Goat kind of tells the story here.

Under the hood of the GTO lies a chromed out beast of a V8. Velocity stacks are so cool bridging classic hot rodding with muscle car go.

The pin stripe on the fan shroud really helps to add detail to the very shiny engine bay.

To get low and look down the side of the goat you’ll see a perfectly straight series of panels. This car is a real show stopper.

Just a quick peak into the interior at some of the instrumentation and the cool custom shifter.

With a fuel cell that’s ready for racing and just a hint at the optima battery tucked under there.

Here you can see a full view of the perfectly shined up engine bay.

We will finish up with another look at the rear end, chance are that’s all you’d get to see of this GTO if you ran into it on the street.

Check out this short video with some sights and sounds of the WHDOW show with this 64 GTO in it.

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