Sep 05

White Hall Drag O Way Reunion Sept 7

I thought I’d use some photos from last weeks Fifth Friday Cruise in as a reminder that the big White Hall Drag O Way Reunion is this weekend! Sept 7 in White Hall, Illinois is the place to be. There will be a huge variety of cars from hot rods, to muscle cars, and even a few newer offerings. The quality is fantastic. I think it is the best small town car show in the country.


I will be at the show early and probably stay late trying to capture everything. Last year I was able to get some video which I hope to do again. More on the reunion a bit later, but for now let’s take a look at the second part of our Fifth Friday Cruise in coverage.

This 50 Merc was absolutely stunning. Perfect paint, interior, and top. I imagine this takes home a lot of trophies when it is shown.

Camaros are always popular and these two looked great sitting together. It’s nice to see the second generation Camaro being represented more at shows.


I am not real sure what the deal is with this hood ornament but it’s cool.

In retrospect I probably ruined this picture. I decided to use HDR to try and bring out the patina on this awesome Plymouth Fury wagon. Unfortunately I kind of goofed up the photo in the process.

A stunning roadster.
The interior was as nice as the exterior. This is a real gem.

So that’s kind of a short and sweet wrap up of the Fifth Friday cruise in. It was a great time and with the next fifth Friday in November there is a chance this will be the last one of the year. Here’s hoping to good weather after Thanksgiving!

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For more information on the White Hall Drag O Way Renunion, club and other events be sure to check out their website http://whdow.org/