Mar 25

World of Wheels: Muscle cars

Of all the different types of awesome classic cars out there muslce cars are my personal favorite. They represent a time in America where good jobs were plentiful, we worked together as a nation to improve life for everyone, and if you put in a hard days work you could afford an amazing piece of machinery to go tear up the streets with when you got off work. A lot of that is gone forever, but thankfully there are fans like you readers of IG out there who preserve and show these icons of American culture for all of us to enjoy. So today we are going to take a look at what the good folks of World of Wheels: Omaha have for us to admire today.
Plymouth Road Runner
Above is the Plymouth Warbird, a custom take on the Roadrunner mixing a standard Roadrunner with the superbird wing and a very unique custom paint. It’s super cool.

With the first gen Camaro’s price getting a bit lofty these have really picked up steam on the collector market. This one is awesome.
Camaro split bumper

The rake on this Nova SS is perfect. It’s all about stance everyone, and I’m not talking about having the car sitting stupid low on some insane negative camber. Right is right, and this one is right.
nova ss

These older Plymouths are getting popular as well. Not quite second gen Camaro popular but as the first and now second tier collector cars get gobbled up you’ll see these more and more.

Nova’s were the word at World of Wheels. This one in red is shining like a diamond. I’d say this does not see much road duty which is too bad because it is sweet.

Of course Mustangs are always hugely popular. The late 60s early 70s Mustangs are my favorites. They just look more muscle car like with sharp angles and bulges.
Ford Mustang

GTO’s have a huge following and everyone loves the Judge. This one in the rare black paint scheme is particularly menacing.
GTO Judge
Is that a Javlin? possibly the rarest breed of muscle car. I can count on one hand how many Javlins I’ve seen in my whole life.
AMC javiln
The only thing I don’t like about in door car shows is the excessive use of chains to rope off the cars. I get it, but it really screws up photos. Here is a nice Ford Falcon locked up behind chains.
Ford Flacon
You can bet there is some serious horsepower in this photo.
This one is ready for the track. I’ll bet it sounds as good as it looks. I’d love to see it make a pass or two.
drag racing nova
1965 was a good year.
65 Chevy

Hopefully you have enjoyed our World of Wheels coverage and maybe it has wet your appetite for the car show season to come. We’d love to hear what you think about all this muscle, and hopefully we will see you out at the shows this summer.