Jan 27

Sunday Commentary: January 27, 2013 I wanna go fast

Another Sunday another time for me to spout off about whatever I want to spout off on. Bonneville is heavy on my mind these days as we are planning an Infinite-Garage.com gathering at Bonneville. It has tons of potential if we can pull it off but that is a huge if.


When we try and do something we usually dream big. So hopefully that means epic Bonneville coverage this year that builds on our great coverage from last year. It’s sad that we are about the only journalist who cover Speed Week out at the Mecca of fast, where hot rodding began.

This week has been a little slow news wise which is to be expected this time of year. We are between big auto shows so if it wasn’t news at Detroit it will be at the next one. I am working on a few things for the upcoming week though.

24 Hours of Daytona

Can you believe race season is here already? It’s nice to see cars out on the track again. The 24 Hours of Daytona is happening as I type this. I’m working hard on getting us some rights to do some coverage of these events, unfortunately we couldn’t get a deal done before this race. That doesn’t mean we don’t have some coverage though. Check out this pretty rad video on the Mazda 6 diesel sedan competing.

Reader Rides! We love seeing your reader rides here on IG. Like this awesome 1980 Z28 by Bill Fredrick.
Bill Fredrick
So you might be asking yourself how do I get my car on IG? Well it’s easy to do a reader ride just submit it on Facebook or here at the site via our email contact form. We pick a reader ride every Sunday to have on the Sunday Commentary. Want to have a feature article on your car? Well submit multiple good pictures and tell us everything about your baby or if you catch us out at a show or live close to us (Western Illinois and Reno Nevada) and we might be able to set up a photoshoot if your car is interesting enough. No matter what though we love seeing your rides so send em in!

That will wrap up this week but let’s take a quick look ahead. Tomorrow I have some muscle car coverage from a few shows I made it out to last summer. You guys will love the pictures I’m sure. We also continue our series on fuel economy for Tech Tuesday, and hopefully we can do a little Daytona 24 wrap up too.

Until next time keep it shiny side up!


  1. Infinitegarage

    That shot from Bonneville is one of my all time favorites we’ve had on the site. ┬áTurns out Reno is a hell of a photographer.

  2. Brian Driggs

    LSR is wicked awesome. A couple years back, I met up with a team out at El Mirage. What an adventure. Every gearhead should hit the flats at some point. Serious ground pounders! I’ve been meaning to get back out to El Mirage for more SCTA action.

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