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Sep 30

The 2014 Chevy Impala

There was some question as to whether the Impala would service going forward. With the new Chevy SS coming soon and the Malibu creeping up in price it seemed the Impala might be obsolete. However GM has given the Impala a redux for 2014 with completely new styling inside and out. Let’s take a closer …

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Sep 12

The Chevy Volt is not going away, and GM is not losing $49,000 on each one

Quick Facts from Infinite Garage about the Reuters article. -Reuters says that it costs GM $89,000 to build each Volt -Reuters then says later in the article that it actually only costs 20-32k to make each Volt. The $89,000 figure includes all research and development costs of the Volt -Reuters incorrectly says the Volt plant …

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