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Feb 03

NHRA Drag Racing 2014 Schedule with video!

With the Super Bowl in the rear view mirror it’s time to turn our attention to warmer weather sports and that all starts with NHRA drag racing. The fastest sport on four wheels features high octane, high volume excitement that’s pretty hard to beat. You can almost smell the Nitro in the air right now. …

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Jan 28

The Age of Drag Racing with Dick Landy

Sometimes on a Tuesday afternoon in the middle of winter I have no clue what I’m going to write about for the day. January is tough because after the big Detroit Autoshow that’s it for months. Inevitably or maybe miraculously my phone will beep (actually it’s the road runner meep meep sound) and it will …

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Jun 17

Vintage Drag Racing Photos

vintage mopar drag racing

Any Vintage car photos are cool, but vintage drag racing photos are the coolest. The period modifications, great graphics, and cool styling make for a lot of fun. So when we get the chance to bring you some vintage pics I always try and take the opportunity. Today I got a presser from Mopar about …

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Apr 25

The little old lady from Pasadena is a live and well.

little old lady from pasadena

While the elderly are generally thought to drive to slow and hold us up, one older lady breaks all the stereo types. She says she is “sixty some years old” and her weapon of choice is a C63 AMG Mercedes. She says she’s been drag racing since her teens so she should have plenty of …

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Mar 25

World of Wheels: Muscle cars

Camaro split bumper

Of all the different types of awesome classic cars out there muslce cars are my personal favorite. They represent a time in America where good jobs were plentiful, we worked together as a nation to improve life for everyone, and if you put in a hard days work you could afford an amazing piece of …

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