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May 05

Sunday Commentary: Cinco De Mayo

Another weekend and more rain here in the Midwest. We are now going on seven car events canceled due to wet weather this spring. It’s getting old fast. Next weekend though brings the promise of more car gatherings, but a quick check of the forecast also brings the promise of more rain. We will soldier …

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Feb 16

Celebrating 50 years of the Porsche 911


The Porsche 911 is probably the worlds most famous sports car. There are others that are faster, better looking, and go fast cheaper, but everyone knows a 911. It’s an icon that has lasted 50 years and it just seems to get better and better with every update. If you are interested in the history …

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Feb 01

Film Friday: The Racer’s Group


Today’s Film Friday morning flick is The Racer’s Group. It follows Team TRG at Petite LeMans at Road Atlanta in 2011 and their quest to win it all. It’s pretty short, but the cinematography is awesome. Because Vimeo’s video player kind of slows the site down you’ll have to hit the jump for the video. …

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Oct 22

Entire Urban Outlaw movie available online now

You may remember a while back when we posted the trailer for Urban Outlaw. Well now the full 30 minute movie is available to watch online. Porsche fans rejoice as the very eclectic Magnus Walker is chronicled in the film showing his unique style and taste. The short film is very good and a much …

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Oct 18

Is Porsche going to make a lessor 918?

When Porsche debuted the 918 Sypder it was heralded as one of the best looking cars in a generation. It brought tons of high tech that had not been done on a super car before and really pushed the envelope. Word now is that Porsche is seriously thinking of green lighting a new version of …

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