Dec 29

The year end awards are upon us.

You’ll have to forgive us if everything this week seems like we are flying by the seat of our pants because we are. With the server down time, the holidays, and the site deciding to delete several of this weeks posts thing got weird here. what I’m going to do today is recap last years awards, which some of you may have caught earlier in the week before it floated off into the ether and we lost it. Then starting tomorrow and through the new year we will do the year end awards for 2013.


I’m gonna bet an early favorite to take home a whole bunch of awards this year is that guy above. The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is all that and a bag of chips. We will have to wait a few days and see though, last year there was a surprise or two in the list. One thing is for sure, we won’t pick the 2015 Mustang as our car of the year like some big magazine did. I mean how could it be the car of the year when it doesn’t exist yet? That’s the big magazines for you.

Let’s take a look back at the big winners from last year.

Chevy Caprice PPV
No one is going to mistake the Chevy Caprice PPV as a good looking car. It’s quite bland in fact until you look under the hood and see a fire breathing 6.2L V8 and the under pinnings of a Holden Commodore. That means it goes like stink and the PPV version being significantly cheaper then the retail Chevy SS made it a shoe in for our sedan of the year.
2013 Sedan of the year

Next up on our list of year end awards was the best car under $30,000.
We had a pretty easy time in this category. The Subaru BRZ blew us away by brining back the small RWD sports car. We say bring on more of those!

Best Sports Car over $30,000. There is only one clear cut winner here and that’s the C6 Z06 Corvette. With the C6 on it’s way out some minor refinements and upgrades kept the C6 fresh right up until the end. As it turned out the Z06 was still a world beater of car. I’ve called it the greatest car of a generation and I’m sticking by that. It’s amazing performance at a reasonable price. There is nothing to like here.

The Best super car of 2012. Everyone should get to drive a super car for one day of their life. They are a special thing even if they are a bit absurd. In fact that’s the point! Sure some never see the light of day and sit in some fools garage like a collectible, but that’s ok we are just happy knowing that some out there get use. Last year we picked the Pagani Huayra as our super car of the year. Why, it’s over the top, big engine, insane sound, and stunning looks check all the right boxes.
Pagani Huayra

New car of the year went to the Cadiilac ATS If for anything but to prove that the CTS was no fluke and that the Americans can go toe to toe with the Germans and come out on top. The ATS is a great car with nice lines and a whole host of engine options. So why not?

copyright GM

copyright GM

The big awards. All those shiny new cars are great and fun. We like new cars, but we like old cars more. That’s why the big awards go to cars we’ve seen out and about at shows or other events. So the picks here were things like best hot rod which went to Dan Garner’s awsome Willys.

So that is just a taste of what you can expect next week as we wrap up 2013 with our awards.